VTG 2009

From the classical Waltz and Polka  to the traditional Bandltanz and Mühlradl  our folk dance group offers a broad repertoire of different, typical Austrian, dances.

The folk dance group Pichl bei Wels was founded 1969 by chairman Josef Wieser. At that time the club only hat few members, though today already 43 girls and boys actively take part under the direction of Werner Haselsteiner.

Not only gigs in entire Austria like


  • Thanksgiving celebration in Vienna, 2002-2011
  • Horner Festival
  • Folk Night in Fuschl
  • etc. 

and the traditional Whitsun Festival in Pichl, but also in state and regional tournaments

  • State tournament Mardetschlag, 1. Place
  • Murau, 1. Place

the Pichler folk dance group shows their skills.

With the teamwork of the young and the young at hearts it's peculiar fun to care the old traditions and kepp them alive.

We look forward for any possibility in Austria or abroad where can give the audience an authentic impression of our beautiful Austrian culture.

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